Did you know Dana Carvey was born in Missoula? Jeff Kober and musician Chan Romero were born right here in Billings. Directors, musicians, actors and coaches were all born in our great state.

Being able to make it as far as these people have is an accomplishment. Seems like anything is possible if you were born in Montana.

  • 1

    Dana Carvey

  • 2

    David Lnych

    "The Elephant Man," "Twin Peaks" and "Eraserhead" are just a few of the great things David has done. He was born in Missoula.

  • 3

    Evel Knievel

    Evel made the "Guinness Book Of World Records" for "Most bones broken in a lifetime." Evel was born in Butte.

  • 4

    Jeff Kober

    Jeff was born right here in Billings. You've seen him in the movie "Tank Girl" and "Hidalgo," or maybe more recently on "The Walking Dead."

  • 5

    Phil Jackson

    Phil is currently president of the New York Nicks. This former player and coach was born in Deer Lodge.

  • 6

    Gary Cooper

    Whether you loved him in "Pride of the Yankees," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," or "The Fountainhead."  Gary was born and raised in Helena.

  • 7

    Jeff Ament

    For those of us who love Pearl Jam, this man needs no introduction. Jeff was born in Harve.

  • 8

    Chan Romero

    He was born right here in Billings and invented the Hippy Hippy Shake. It was not Chan's only hit either.

  • 9

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    If you're a fan of "Modern Family," you know exactly who Jesse is.  He was born in Missoula.

  • 10

    Brad Bird

    You might not know his name but you've definitely seen his movies. "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille" are just two of the movies Brad has done. He was born in Kalispell.


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