I love a great story about service and sacrifice. I also love it when a great story has a Montana connection. We've got both with this Newsweek story about an 81 year old military veteran who basically said- "send me"- when it comes to our nation's coronavirus response effort.

Many of you news junkies know Art Wittich in Bozeman. Art is a Bozeman attorney, he's served in the Montana Legislature for several years, and he's also been a GOP national committeeman. As I've chatted with Art on occasion he always talks about how proud he is of his dad- Colonel Arthur Wittich.

Well, when the US Army put out the call for retired doctors and medical professionals to help out with the nation's coronavirus response, they quickly got a note back from retired Colonel Arthur Wittich. As Newsweek reports:

When the email came, Wittich typed out a quick response and hit Send: "Willing to serve if needed, licensed in two states, steady hands and ready to operate and perform patient care, fit to fight."

I spoke with Colonel Wittich earlier this week. We talked about his 44 years in the US Army, his service all over the world, and why he's willing to sacrifice it all yet again. Here's the full audio:  (By the way- that's his granddaughter with him in the photo below)


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