I'm a little older and a little wiser now. So I tend to not drive as fast or as recklessly as I once did. And that''s why the folks that still do amuse me.

On Facebook, there's a group called "Billings Reckless Drivers." People go on here and complain about the things that other drivers do. It surprised me to to find out how absolutely outraged many folks are by the people who don't use their turn signals.

Also, people who can't seem to park between the lines get quite a bit of coverage.

To me, most of the bad parkers don't bother me. If you're over your line into my space at Walmart, I will just pull right in next to you with my hail-damaged and door-dinged pick up.

Bad parking

I don't take a picture of the car and post and rant and have it ruin my week.

Same thing with the non-signalers. Watching out for the unpredictable is sort of what driving is all about anyway. If you get into accident with somebody because of a turn signal issue, perhaps your skill set is not whta it should be.

Now, for the road ragers, they get my attention.

Road rage

If I see you come flying up on me at 30 mph over the limit, I'll hit the brakes. If a guy is weaving in and out of traffic, I'll speed up and form a rolling road block with the guy next to me. I find it hilarious.

If you need to go that fast, start leaving your house 5 minutes earlier. I don't know about you, my insurance is good. I don't mind if I have to put my vehicle in the body shop for a week or two to get fixed by your insurance company.


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