I moved to Billings back in January of 2019, after a sudden removal from a job down there (I wasn't the only one who got the can, basically everyone did... and I was there for 3 months). Since then, I have fulfilled my teenage dream of living in Billings (since I have been a Montanan my whole life) yet some people don't see the appeal in moving to Billings. Let me shed some light on what makes Billings MY choice to live in.

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Small Town Atmosphere, Big City Amenities

One of the first things I encountered moving to Billings was how much the place I lived felt like living back in Baker or Miles City. Secluded from a main road, homes surrounding you, and trees blocking the views of the tall buildings or industrial areas... it felt just right. Sure, this certainly depends on WHERE you live in Billings, but if you chose wisely, you can keep the small-town feel.

Now the perk of Billings is... just 3 blocks from my secluded housing, is the main road leading to everything I want and need. Seriously, since moving here, I have ordered 1 thing from Amazon (pants... because $60+ for jeans is silly). Otherwise, if I need furniture... electronics... most clothing... food... whatever. Billings has it. From expensive and boujee, to frugal and inexpensive. Shopping at Goodwill for deals, or visiting the more expensive department stores and the mall. Everything is within a 30-minute drive, and I love it.

Central To Amazing Destinations

No matter your weekend plans, most destinations are just a few hours' drive away from Billings (or a quick flight). Whether you want to visit Yellowstone, Glacier, Helena's Sleeping Giant, attend a Bobcat or Griz game, go hiking in the mountains, ski at Red Lodge and so much more. Living in eastern Montana, specifically Baker for 3 years, made me appreciate how much Billings truly offers. It was a minimum 3-hour drive to get anywhere from Baker (which had more than a Walmart). At least here in Billings, the world is your oyster.

Eclectic Food and People

Burgers, Pizza, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian Fusion, Chinese, British, and even more food options exist right here in Billings! Wanting a killer steak dinner? Check out Jakes, Buffalo Block, and The Fieldhouse... Sushi? Umi, Fancy Sushi Asian Fusion, NaRa, Okinawa... Chicken? Jook or 406 Wingz...

Something for ANYONE in this city. If someone tells me "I don't know what I want for dinner" I am always flabbergasted. Impossible to not find something.

Beyond that, the diverse population and backgrounds of people in Billings are always one to keep an eye on. Take a stroll through an event downtown, and look around. You'll meet people from other countries and continents if you just be social. My friend list expanded dramatically moving here and is ever-growing.

What are your thoughts?

By no means am I asking people to move here. However, if you are wanting to move to Montana... consider Billings or the surrounding cities. We may not be as beautiful outdoors as Bozeman or Missoula... but we sure do make up for it with options. Plus, as THE hub for Montana, you can always catch a quick flight to somewhere else.

Such as my second home, Minot... or my third home, Denver.

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