For those of you who have never visited the former Glasgow Air Force Base in St. Marie, Montana, it is definitely an interesting site to see. It looks like something out of a movie. You will drive down a street and see abandoned home after abandoned home with brown, overgrown lawns and boarded up windows- and then, all of a sudden there is a perfectly normal house in the middle of the block.

A number of years ago I joined some friends and we drove up to the tiny bowling alley that was miraculously still open (it was summer time of course).

For those who've never seen it, check out this story that a Seattle TV station did. The story not only features the uniqueness of St. Marie, it also gives you an inside-the-cockpit look at how Boeing is testing some of their latest safety technology in Northeast Montana.

A place that used to house B-52 bombers for the Air Force in remote Montana is now where Boeing is creating aviation safety tools of the future.

"Because we’re remote. It's a great airspace. They can get a lot done. Like today, they can use the whole airfield and not have anyone else bother them," said Darcell Wesen, MARCo Site and Airfield Manager.

Here's the video:

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