Maybe it's time we take a "Trippi" down memory lane.

With a crowded Democrat primary field in the race for Montana's lone US House seat, every candidate is looking to set themselves apart as the front runner. John Heenan is hoping to capitalize on the addition of former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi to do just that.

For that "Trippi" down memory lane in Montana politics, Republican campaign consultant Jake Eaton says he certainly wouldn't be bragging about the addition of Joe Trippi to the campaign team.

"The last time Joe Trippi worked in Montana it was for Jim Hunt (also a trial lawyer) in the 2008 Democrat Congressional primary. Despite raising $220,000 to John Driscoll’s $0, Hunt lost the primary to Driscoll by 21,000 votes. Not only did Driscoll literally raise $0, he didn’t campaign at all," says Eaton.


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