OK. Diamond & Silk won't be there. But we'd love to see YOU there. For our Billings area listeners- come on out and say hello Thursday afternoon, or when you get off of work. We'll be at J&L Industries on the West End.

For our Billings-area listeners on Newstalk 970 KBUL and Newstalk 95.5 FM, we'll be doing a live broadcast from J&L Industries right in the middle of Sean Hannity's show. Come on down and see us, check out what J&L Industries has to offer you, and grab a snack or a beverage.

J&L Industries is a great crew. My lawn mower was giving me problems, but I didn't want to buy a new one yet, so I tried to figure out who does small engine repair. Luckily, I found Connie at J&L Industries and she got me back up and running and squaring away my honey-do list.

Hey, if you're having trouble with your lawn mower, your weed whacker, or your leaf blower- any small engines in need of repair- J&L Industries will get you taken care of. Small engines can sometimes cause big problems. They offer service and repairs for small engines, and as a premier dealer for Simplicity and Ferris products, along with being a Briggs and Stratton lawn equipment repair center- they are a one stop shop and resource.

Come in and stop by J&L Industries on JULY 16 from 4-6pm for some snacks and receive 10% off your next service.

J&L Industries

2948 S. 51st St. W.


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