In 1999, Tom Abbey started Stronghold Surface Solutions with the goal of bringing the latest in concrete finishing and repair technologies to residential and commercial customers in southeastern Montana.

Over the past 13 years, Tom’s commitment to unsurpassed product quality and customer service has allowed Stronghold to expand its operations to include all of Montana as well as Wyoming and Idaho. In 2008 they introduced their own line of epoxy crack injection, random crack repair, and polyurea joint fillers for specific concrete repair applications.

To offer a comprehensive suite of products targeted specifically at complete basement protection, Stronghold added sump pumps, crawl space liners, expandable spray foam insulation of floor plates, and carbon fiber crack isolation.

Over the last 15 years, decorative concrete treatments and coatings have literally transformed the architectural and functional possibilities of concrete. Stronghold has completed hundreds of concrete flooring projects ranging from high-traffic supermarket aisles to artist-designed floors in custom homes. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Stronghold’s finishing expertise will allow you to transform a drab basement, garage or concrete patio into a beautiful space that will add “useable” square footage to your home. Additionally, a Stronghold finished floor eliminates the dust inherent with unfinished concrete and is impervious to water, pet urine and chemicals. And as an added bonus, it will clean like Teflon.

A Stronghold finished floor guarantees you will never have to replace worn or water damaged carpet again…ever.