The conservative professor from North Carolina, who was barred from speaking at a University of Montana (UM) School of Journalism event, is now firing back at the university president. This, following his speech on campus last week which was met by liberal activist protests.

Here's an excerpt from Adams' "Open Letter to the Montana Legislature" posted at

As embarrassing as Dean Abramson is, President Bodnar has an even bigger problem on his hands. As it stands, he is ruling over a campus that has been overtaken by petulant children who lose all semblance of emotional control when confronted with a contrary opinion. This was seen in my speech when an LGBT activist stood up in the middle of the theater with a sign reading, “Suck a (expletive for male sex organ) Mike Adams. I Won’t Judge You.”

As the adult male student waved the obscene sign in front of the women and children who were in attendance, he chanted “hate speech is not free speech!” Doubtless, he was encouraged by President Bodnar’s campus wide statement, which gave an air of legitimacy to their self-righteous indignation and mindless hysteria.

Mike Adams is now calling on the Montana State Legislature to pass a "Campus Free Speech Act" in honor of UM journalism alum Jeff Cole, and apparently an effort is underway. Rep. Mike Hopkins (R-Missoula) says he has already started adapting HB527 into a bill for the next legislative session.


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