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Not only are you guys being played, but they're also playing the game dirty. It's blatantly obvious if you see what is playing out on the national and the local level here.

Let's start with Montana first. The same people who tell you that it's safe to pack into a Walmart are now telling you that it's not safe enough to vote on election day in Montana. The same people that tell you to shut up and wear your mask because "masks work" are the same people who are telling you that it would be “absolutely catastrophic” if voters were allowed to vote in person on election day.

That's what the liberal candidate for Attorney General had to say in federal court in Missoula earlier this week. Raph Graybill also happens to be the governor's legal counsel and was allowed to stay on the ballot this fall, despite failing to meet the basic qualifications to serve as Montana's Attorney General.

So once again, you can pack into a Walmart, but voting in person on election day would be "absolutely catastrophic." You're being played.

And yes, they're playing dirty. Did you hear what former Democrat presidential candidate, and Biden supporter, Michael Bloomberg is up to in Florida? He's paying the fines and fees for 32,000 convicted felons in order to help Biden get more votes in the upcoming election. Sounds a little bit like bribery, doesn't it? Sounds illegal, doesn't it? Apparently Florida's Attorney General shares your concern, as The Daily Wire reports:

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody reportedly sent a letter to the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement requesting a criminal investigation into a recent report that failed Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire, has raised more than $16 million to help convicted felons pay off their debts in an attempt to boost Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden in the state.

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