Attorney General Tim Fox’s office filed a motion for an immediate partial stay in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after a ruling by U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell struck down Montana’s campaign contribution limits.  The brief was filed late yesterday afternoon, and the attorney general’s office– which represents Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl– argued that unless the Ninth Circuit grants the immediate request, suspending contribution limits will cause confusion and undermine the integrity of Montana’s electoral process.
After Lovell’s ruling, Motl said that his office would not challenge the reinstated contribution limits by individuals or political committees in order to avoid the same confusion caused in 2012.  The brief argues that Lovell’s ruling creates an environment where political parties have no restrictions.  The brief asks for the Ninth Circuit to stay Lovell’s order and restore the 2016 limits for political parties in the primary and general election cycle.

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