Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Traffic Safety Bureau are in Hamilton today, June 6, to try to figure out what led to a plane crash on Sunday morning around 10:00 a.m.

"A small fixed-winged airplane was attempting to land on the runway," said Ravalli County Undersheriff Steve Holten. "About half-way down the runway it veered to the left, which caused that left wing to strike the ground, then the right wing struck and the plan just flipped over onto its top."

Amazingly, no one was killed in the crash.

"There were three adult males, including the pilot, in the plane," Holten said. "One of the passengers was transported to an emergency room complaining of neck and back pain, but the other two fortunately, were not injured."

The plane was in Ravalli County en route from Idaho. No mechanical malfunctions were reported before the crash, which happened during landing, after the plane touched down on the runway.

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