Filming for the movie Supercell began this past weekend near Billings, and a star of the movie spent some time yesterday remembering one of Montana's best.

Actor Alec Baldwin posted a video on his Instagram page yesterday (Sunday 5/9) saying it was his first time in Montana, and that he's never been here to ski or do "any of the things people do in Montana."

Baldwin said in the video clip that he will be filming in Montana for about a week, and then went on to talk about the book 'Tears in the Darkness' by Michael and Elizabeth Norman. The book is about the Bataan Death March and is the "tale of just one American soldier, a young cowboy and aspiring artist out of Montana named Ben Steele," according to the New York Times.

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When talking about this book that tells the story of Ben Steele, Baldwin says, "what this guy went through, it's almost unbelievable." He then added "Read this book, read this book."

Before wrapping up the Instagram video by wishing everyone a "Happy Mother's Day," Baldwin spoke directly to the American hero from Montana saying, "I'm just thinking of you Ben, wherever you are out there in the great beyond. Great hero, great, great hero." CLICK HERE to find out about the book "Tears in the Darkness"

Alec Baldwin posted another video on his Instagram of the Babcock Theatre in downtown Billings on Monday morning (5/10), saying he was "Gonna come back next week for a triple feature of PILLOW TALK, BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI and THUNDERBALL."

CLICK HERE to read more about the movie Supercell that's being filmed around Billings this month (May 2021).

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