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Dear Everybody and Everything on the Ballot,

You can stop contacting me now. I already voted. All of my friends have also voted and have asked me to include them in the group that already knew which way they were voting and want you to stop contacting them.

I'm not sure how many poor trees have had to give their lives for the millions of pieces of political ads that have been delivered across the country.

How do politicians, pro-pot groups, anti-pot groups get everybody's cell phone number? Nobody asked me for mine. One day my phone just started ringing.

Phone rings. Caller I.D says, "Orlando, Florida" I didn't answer. I also didn't pick up when I got calls from various cities in Nebraska, Illinois, and even a few from Montana.

I have enough smartphone savvy to know how to block calls from numbers that I don't recognize. But the calls keep coming. As do the text messages. Stop it.

Either have a "real" debate moderated by somebody not associated with a television station or public radio or have the candidates knock on people's doors and ask for feedback on the candidates' views.

Better yet, have candidates announce which days they will be at a certain location so we can ask them questions face to face.

And then maybe we could take a big chunk of the dollars thrown at all the ways they try to influence your vote and start using that huge amount of cash towards The Boys & Girls Club, Coles Pantry, or Tumbleweed.

So, again, please quit contacting me. I have already voted.

-The Tired Voter


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