Dear Caller Who Supports Green Energy,

I really appreciate your dedication and steadfastness towards green energy. You have stood your ground on Montana Talks since this show started, a rock against the winds of industry views and stats. You would not allow Aaron’s rebuttals to sway your vision at all, of a green new Earth and the death of Fossil Fuels.

Maybe the time has come to put your vision into action. Now, I’m not a smart man, and you know much more about this than I do, but I have an idea for you to take and to lead with.

I propose the "City" Energy Cooperative, a totally green, community cooperative. Let’s convert the City away from outside energy sources and into only renewable energy. Put up the windmills and solar panels and that hydro-electric pump storage you mentioned. And then cut the lines entirely from the national grid.

Just imagine it. No coal, no natural gas, no pollution, no carbon footprint, no blackouts, no effect from a cyber attack on the grid, and no need for a backup. The City could become the model microcosm for sustainable, perpetual energy that would keep the lights on and the homes warm, even at 30 below.

Now, of course, financing will be an important aspect of this bold endeavor. The residents should have a stake in this since they will benefit. You could just budget the cost for all that equipment, probably in the millions, then divide by the population of the City, about 58,700. Green Energy Supporter, I am genuinely surprised by the math on this. The hypothetical cost per man, woman, and child in a City would be only $17.035 per million. That’s the cost of a good dinner! So, if the total budget of the green energy infrastructure is $10 million, that’s only $170.35 per man, woman, and child. $100 million is only 1,703.50 per person. And just think, no power bills ever again. There may be some maintenance costs, but that would be paltry.

Another option is for the City's energy cooperative to incorporate. Again, budget the costs, set a price per share and sell the number of shares needed to make that budget. The City's residents can invest at the level they feel comfortable, and then enjoy the dividends or even pay their power bills using the shares they purchased. That Swedish billionaire working with the American Prairie Reserve may chip in a few million. I’ll even put $20 into this business. See, you already have your first shareholder!

This could be the green energy adventure of a lifetime!  You can lead the way and set an example for the world.

What d'ya say?

-Travis Lee, Studio Producer, Montana Talks

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