How many unused gift cards do you own? I've got my collection down to about a dozen and it's taken some work to get that total down that low. I am you prototypical person that is "hard to buy for". So my friends and family get me gift cards for my birthday and Christmas gifts. Works for me. Except that I forget that I've got take them with me to the places that they came from.

I've got one from Grains Of Montana that must be five years old. They are way out on the west end and I must never be out that way when lunchtime rolls around.

Now, Taco John's gift cards are a different animal. I keep those cards in my pickup. But spending twenty-five bucks at Taco Johns takes all summer. And I think that I was given three of those, so there are more soft shell tacos in my immediate future.

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I was reading an article this morning that said that somewhere in the neighborhood of three billion dollars worth of gift cards go unused each year in America.
This has to be true!

If you're like me and have a collection of gift cards with even a small amount left on them, you could consider donating them. If you've got a place to give them already, that's great. But if you don't, I know that the folks at Tumbleweed Runaway Program are always looking for donations for the kids that they serve.

A buck or two left on several gift cards (from Walmart, Target, etc) could add up to toiletries for this group that could really use any help that they get.

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