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Every Friday, we catch up with our American Legion and Navy veteran friend George Blackard on the radio. This past Friday something pretty cool happened. George was telling us about this new initiative that his Legion post is working on with Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen (R-MT). They want to get an American flag in every classroom in Montana.

George told us that it would only take $10 per flag to help get an American flag in a classroom. Shortly after George left the radio studio, we got a phone call from one of our listeners, "Matt in Billings." Matt said he and his company would donate $1,000 to the effort. Later that morning, he dropped off the donation for George and the American Legion. Very cool. With that money, they could outfit 100 classrooms in Montana.

According to a news release from Superintendent Arntzen's office members of the public can donate money to purchase a flag on Post 117’s PayPal account. A flag can also be sent to the school of the donor’s choosing. 

We must honor our veterans by having strong civics education programs in schools to educate the next generation about the rights and responsibilities that we enjoy as Americans. One way to encourage this is by proudly displaying the stars and stripes in every classroom. I want to thank Legion Post 117 for partnering with the OPI to raise funds to purchase American Flags for Montana schools.

As George Blackard noted on Friday's radio show, state law requires flags in every school classroom but only if schools can afford them or have them donated.

*Note from Aaron: For full disclosure, I want you to know that my wife is supporting and working part time on Elsie Arntzen's re-election campaign. You should also know that this topic was raised by our guest on the show, and not by me.    

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