In case you missed our live show from Plentywood, Montana for the KATQ NE Montana Farm Expo- we talked border security, pulse crops, going from the NFL to ranching in NE Montana, and much more on Montana Talks.

Here's the full audio of the show:

KATQ radio offered this recap:

Aaron Flint former host of Voices of Montana and now host of the Montana Talks show heard statewide graced the expo Friday morning, interviewing locals on a variety topics from sports, border protection to farming and ranching..... Photos of Aaron, Jim Nielsen and Kaela Carpenter. Also, interviewed that morning were Arlin Kaul, Homeland Security, Chris Westergaard and Brian Gion with Northern Pulse. Nice to see you again Aaron!
If you would be interested in KATQ airing Aaron's program email us and let us know!

Courtesy KATQ Radio in Plentywood, MT
Courtesy KATQ Radio in Plentywood, MT

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