In case you missed it, Peter Christian with KGVO Radio in Missoula has some incredible coverage of the "hero's homecoming" for Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer in Missoula.

We played some highlights of his coverage on "Montana Talks," including this incredible story from Missoula County Sheriff's Captain Tony Rio:

“We were told that Wade wasn’t going to make it and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room,” said Captain Rio. “Then guys from all walks and beliefs stopped and prayed for him, and it wasn’t an hour later that they said he made such a dramatic turnaround that they were now taking him to Salt Lake City. I give credit where credit is due and glory to God that, wow, what an amazing thing has happened.”

By chance, Montana Highway Patrol Colonel Tom Butler and Attorney General Tim Fox happened to be in Billings for a tour of the new Eastern Montana satellite crime lab, and were able to join us live in studio on Montana Talks.

Here's the audio from Thursday's show:


Credit Ashley Warren
Credit Ashley Warren

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