The Montana football greats are heading in to Billings from across the state and nation this weekend, as the Montana Football Hall of Fame gets ready to present the 2019 inductees.

We got the chance to catch up with one of the Montana football greats- Paul Champlin, who played for Eastern Montana College from 1965-1968. Paul is pictured above next to his son Nathan, who now lives in Billings. Also pictured is Rick Halmes, one of the big organizers of the MT Football Hall of Fame banquet. Rick was a teammate of Champlins back in the day.

Paul Champlin played quarterback for Eastern Montana College, and then helped break the color barrier as one of the first black quarterbacks in the NFL. In fact, he was the #16 Montana kid with the San Francisco 49ers, before Joe Montana wore #16.

So, what did his mom have to say when he told her he wanted to go to Montana for college? Hear that story and much more, in the audio posted below, as Paul Champlin and Rick Halmes joined us on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint:

We also have video of a portion of the interview on our Instagram page:


Courtesy screenshot of MT Football Hall of Fame Program
Courtesy screenshot of MT Football Hall of Fame Program


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