So far, The Daily Inter Lake is the only newspaper that seems to have picked up on the big news out of Whitefish on Sunday. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is now openly advocating for gun control.

As The Daily Inter Lake first reported:

Tester said that while the Second Amendment is important to him, he believed there were bipartisan measures that could be passed in Washington to rein in senseless gun violence, and school shootings in particular.

He said he considered both a bump stock ban and universal background checks in that category.

Listen to the audio for yourself below to hear firsthand.

Tester also tried to two-step the question on sanctuary cities, claiming that he is opposed to sanctuary cities despite having voted in support of sanctuary cities on multiple occasions.

Peter Christian with KGVO radio captured the audio from the Montana Broadcasters Association convention. Listen to it below via YouTube.


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