As we get older not many of us are excited to see birthdays come around. One birthday that I will forever be thankful for is Montana's. Today Nov 8th back in 1889 the most beautiful state in the country, as far as I'm concerned, was born. Every morning when I get up and can view the 7 different mountain ranges from my place I think about how much I love this place.

They tried in 1866 to become a state but it was denied by some real stupid people. It wasn't until the railroad reached here in 1881 that people started to realize what a special place this was. Even as far back as 1862 during the Homestead act, people did not give it the credit it deserved.

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Not many people took advantage of the free 160 acres because it took more land than that here to make a living so it wasn't the most popular of places people were looking for. How times have changed, now everyone wants to move here and get a piece of God's country.

When I see my beautiful Snowies or even the great prairies or timbered hills that I own Its like falling in love all over again. My only regret is that I won't have another hundred years to enjoy and marvel at its splendor.

Happy birthday Montana here's hoping that many more generations can enjoy you as much as I have and I am forever grateful. One of the best quotes that I came up with to describe our state was this:

"If the British would have known about Montana during the Revolutionary war, They would have fought harder."

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