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I'm sure this news has already made some heads explode in Bozeman. A pro-Trump store is now open in Manhattan, Montana. We got a note from one of our listeners, Bob Larson, who recently checked out the new "Trumptana" store in Manhattan. He says the store has a lot of pro-Trump gear to choose from.

I got this bobblehead this morning.  Better than any sports figure out there today.

The Belgrade News first profiled the Trumptana shop owner Erik Esper:

“This is such a pivotal election,” Esper says. “Is it going to be America after the election?”

He says the customers who have visited his shop so far feel the same way.

“There’s a wide array of people fed up with things and worried about the direction it could be heading,” he says.

Check out the full Belgrade News piece by clicking here.

Some of you might be wondering where this catchy name "Trumptana" came from. I first heard the word used by Montana GOP Chairman Don "K" (Don Kaltschmidt) during the Republican National Convention in August to describe the strong support for President Trump in Big Sky Country.

The Great Falls Tribune's Phil Drake had the writeup:

“I come from the great state of Montana,” he said in casting the state’s 27 delegate votes to nominate Trump for president during the Republican National Convention. “It is often been called the Big Sky Country, the Treasure State and ‘Last best place.’ But currently we are affectionately calling it ‘Trumptana.’

*Note: This story was corrected to state that the store is located in Manhattan, Montana. The initial report said Belgrade.


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