Billings Clinic was recently accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy– or FACT– for its stem cell treatment. With the FACT accreditation, those treatments will be more accessible.  The accreditation also will make it easier for insurance companies to approve the procedure and will allow Billings Clinic to conduct trials on their stem cell treatment.  Billings Clinic is currently the only FACT-accredited center in Montana.
The Billings Gazette reports they’ve been using a stem cell approach with myeloma cancer treatments for years, and Dr. Brock Whittenberger has been the one performing the procedure.  A few decades ago, doctors created a workaround treatment using stem cells, extracted from the patient’s blood before administering high-dose chemotherapy and then transplanting them back to repair the damaged bone marrow after the chemo had been given, just like a blood transfusion.

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