If you’ve seen the commercials for Microsoft’s next-generation three-dimensional device, coming this year, what you haven’t seen are the two Billings high school graduates who left their mark on the project.  The revolutionary HoloLens uses three microprocessors and a series of mirrors to project holograms into the user’s field of vision.  The result is high definition interactive imagery that can be adapted for entertainment, educational, industrial and military applications.


The device resembles the virtual reality units that you may have seen before, but there’s one big difference.  The holographic images are projected onto the user’s real world surroundings.  David Hyams, a Billings Central grad in 1975, is a founder of CoroWare Robotics, and worked with Microsoft on the HoloLens program.  Daryl Yourk, a 2009 graduate of Billings West, has been a CoroWare robotics technician since 2012.

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