A Billings girl who woke up with a splitting headache found herself in a Denver hospital diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Two days before, Whitne Burns and her friends at Lewis and Clark Middle school, where she’s a seventh grader, had been horsing around in the hallway when she fell and banged her head.  According to a report in the Billings Gazette, the pain got worse.


Whitne, who never takes pain pills, was asking her mom for Tylenol and went to bed.  She woke up a few hours later in excruciating pain and was rushed to Billings Clinic emergency room.  A CT scan showed a mass on her brain the size of a golf ball.  Whitne was flown to Denver Children’s Hospital and prepped for surgery.  It was a successful, six-hour ordeal, but Whitne’s recovering and doing great.

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