25-year-old Daniel James Richard Tombrink of Billings faces a felony arson charge after allegedly starting a fire in his parents’ home in the Heights.  Firefighters responded to the blaze in the 1100 block of Bench Boulevard on May 17.  The fire caused $150,000 of damages, making the home a total loss.

KTVQ.com reports that Tombrink admitted to a detective on the scene that he started the fire after [quote] “an upsetting conversation with his father.” [end quote]  He told the detective it was “a piece of art,” and a release for him, according to court documents.  He was transported to Billings Clinic for psychiatric evaluation.  Tombrink said he suffered from schizophrenia.  His mother said he was spiraling out of control, and said this was not the first time her son tried to burn down the house.

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