35-year-old Jason Rose of Billings was sentenced Tuesday to 80 years in prison with no time suspended for raping a toddler over a period of three years. Rose pleaded guilty in June to one count of sexual intercourse without consent for raping the child. He was sentenced by Judge Michael Moses in Yellowstone County District Court.

The crime meets the guidelines for Jessica’s Law, which states that any offender with a victim under the age of 13 is subject to a mandatory 25 years in prison before parole is considered. But prosecutors agreed to amend the charges to rape of a child under the age of 16. He will not be parole eligible for 20 years.

Rose apologized and asked for leniency. Candace Howman, the victim’s caregiver, testified at sentencing about the irreparable trauma the now-6-year-old victim has experienced.

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