Do you remember the TV sitcom the "Odd Couple" with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman?  It aired on ABC from September 1970 to March 1975 and starred Tony Randall as Felix Unger and Jack Klugman as Oscar Madison and highlighted  their different lifestyles. Felix was the neat and tidy one; Oscar was sloppy and casual.

Can you imagine if we made a TV series based on Mark and Paul?

Talk about your odd couple.

Set the stage -- Paul a dedicated family man who doesn't drink and hates to eat out, especially at buffets.

He has very strong (I use that word loosely) political views about the president, Obamacare and our Democratid Senator.  Let's toss in his love (not) of the bike trails, the library and people being late for work.

Now, enter Mark (Wilson) with his I-don't-have-a-care-in-the-world attitude.  Here's a guy who likes to eat out at restaurants as much as he can, the bigger the steak the better.  Let's not forget to wash it down with an ice cold beverage.  Mark Wilson, fast cars, freedom and the ladies (well not so much now).

Who would be Oscar and who would be Felix?

This one is a difficult one.

Though Wilson is a free-wheeler, he is a neat freak.  Don't even get me started on his pantry and how he aligns his tennis shoes.

What do you think?  If Mark and Paul were on the TV series the odd couple, which one would they be?



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