Billings Police are actively investigating two separate incidents that occurred this past weekend, according to their official social media page.

After 3 am MDT on Saturday morning (12/11), BPD reported via their Twitter page that officers responded after "multiple complaints of a vehicle shooting paintballs at persons and property."

Billings Police located the vehicle involved in the crime and arrested 3 adult males, according to the report via Twitter.

In the post on @BillingsPD, Sgt. Milam said there were "multiple assaults and property crimes" committed during the incident, but no details were given about the location where this happened.

Multiple investigations into the paintball shootings are "on-going," according to the post.

In a separate incident over the weekend, Billings Police reported a stabbing in an apartment building near downtown early Saturday morning (12/11).

According to the Billings Police Department Twitter page, officers responded to the Colonials at 223 South 27th Street around 12:47 am MDT Saturday near the corner of South 27th Street and 3rd Avenue South for a stabbing.

One male victim was transported to a Billings hospital for his injuries, but the suspect was not in custody at the time of the post on @BillingsPD. An investigation into the incident is on-going by BPD Detectives.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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