The Casper Star-Tribune reported that recently in Casper, a special task force conducted a surprise traffic stop looking for drugs and other possible violations. Here are the shocking results as we get into the marijuana business in Montana.

According to the article, they stopped 389 vehicles. Out of those stops, they made 23 arrests with "13 of them related to drugs." Keep in mind that this operation was put in place to crack down on marijuana trafficking. 520 grams of weed was seized, 600 milligrams of THC edibles confiscated, and one gram of THC wax, whatever in hell that is. They also found "66.7 grams of methamphetamine and one gram of cocaine." Keep in mind, this is only 389 vehicles. They also wrote "80 citations for speeding, 26 for other moving violations, and nine for seat belt or child restraint violations." Also, out of the 389 cars that were stopped, they wrote 269 warnings.

These legal drugs are going to be great for our youth and our area. Just imagine the revenue. Now keep this in perspective: Main Street in the Heights gets approximately 40,000 vehicles per day. If Casper had that kind of result with 389 cars, what do you think a surprise stop in the Heights would result in? I think we would be shocked.

What this means is when you travel from Wicks and Main to 1st avenue, chances are great that you have just passed someone with a warrant, someone who is high or drunk, someone who is carrying or transporting drugs, meth dope whatever, and someone with some other citable offense. Scary isn't it. Maybe we need more of these stops just to clean things up a bit. Just think what they would have found if people could not warn others about the fuzz just ahead. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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