The same liberal judge in Great Falls, Montana who ruled against the Keystone XL pipeline is also the same liberal judge who ruled against oil, gas, and coal in Montana. He's also the same liberal judge, put on the bench by Democrats, who is trying to have William Perry Pendley removed from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The name Perry Pendley is a well-known name back here in Montana. First with the Reagan Administration, and then with his role at the Mountain States Legal Foundation, Pendley has been a prominent defender of Montana's farmers and ranchers, and those who want to make a living off of the land.

If you're one of those folks who gets frustrated when you see all of the roads and public access trails getting cut off to the public on so-called public lands, Perry Pendley has been fighting for you, and against the extreme environmentalists who want to lock you out of federal land.

Despite the extreme environmental groups and activist judges attempting to remove Perry Pendley from his role as Deputy Director for Policy and Programs at the BLM, Pendley remains on the job.

We caught up with him recently to talk about the historic conservation gains delivered by the Trump Administration, and the positive work that would be undone if the Trump Administration's critics are able to overturn recent decisions.

Tune in to Monday's "Montana Talks" statewide radio show with Aaron Flint, for more from our conversation.

First, Perry Pendley reacts to the lawsuit filed by Montana's liberal governor attempting to get him removed from his position at the BLM:


What would happen if these decisions were overturned? Here's another highlight from our conversation with Perry Pendley:

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