Republican State Senator Anthony Bouchard’s campaign announced that they have raised $400,000 in their bid to unseat Liz Cheney in the upcoming Republican primary next year.

Bouchard's campaign had previously reported raising $334,370 by April 15, however since then the campaign appears to have increased funds by around $70,000.

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Cheney however has raised over $1.54 million in the same time frame, showing the wide gap in funds between the two campaigns at this early section of the race.

Bouchard's campaign said they have so far received over 9,000 individual contributions from all 50 states, and over 600 from Wyoming.

Bouchard said:

“Others considering this race should look at joining my campaign now rather than splitting the anti-Cheney vote – which is what our enemies want. We need a staunch conservative who can run the kind of serious campaign it will take to defeat Rep. Cheney."

While Bouchard is the current runner up when it comes to primarying Cheney, several other candidates have also filed, include Charles Gray, Marrisa Selvig, and Bryan Miller.

Gray so far has raised $40,154 from individual contributions and has loaned $133,124 of his own money to his campaign.

Selvig has raised even less, bringing in only $1,968 over the same time period, with $1,183 of that being her own money.

Miller on the other hand, has so far not raised any money for his campaign.

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