BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — A Bozeman man crawled for a mile through the snow to find help after breaking his ankle in an ice-climbing fall.

The Associated Press reports Ted Lange fell Sunday as he started to climb up a pillar of ice in Hyalite Canyon.

Tate Dunkel, his climbing partner, tried to pull him out using a makeshift toboggan, but the progress was slow and they decided to send Dunkel ahead.

By then it was late afternoon. Lange crawled out of the woods and into an area more accessible to snowmobiles.

That's where Gallatin County rescuers found him at 7 p.m. Other than his ankle, Lange was unharmed.

Lange used an Internet mapping program to estimate he'd crawled roughly two miles over the snow, more than half of that while crawling.

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