Last Best News reports that Billings Police Chief Rich St. John has accepted an offer from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals to hand out vegetarian “Tofurky” roasts to motorists this holiday season.  The Billings Chief says Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA, made the offer in an emailed letter Tuesday morning, and this afternoon, he accepted it.

The offer was made in response to the department’s efforts last week to hand out turkeys to unsuspecting motorists who thought they would be getting a speeding ticket.  He asked them to send the trademarked Tofurky roasts– made from organic tofu and wheat protein — to police headquarters at 220 N. 27th Street.  PETA said they would give the department 20 roasts– the same number of real turkeys that Billings businessman Steve Gountanis donated to the department last week.

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