This is the rally we Montanans have all been waiting for. Sure, it was fun seeing President Donald Trump in Great Falls back in July, and later in Billings. But Missoula, the liberal Berkeley of Montana? This is gonna be fun. Not only is it great that President Trump is planning a rally right in the radical liberals' backyard, Missoula is also a good location that will draw in large numbers of conservatives from the Flathead and Bitterroot Valleys.

On Thursday's Montana Talks radio show, I mentioned the rumor that President Trump is planning a rally in Missoula for October 18th. Shortly after I got off of the airwaves from our statewide radio show I can now tell you that a Republican source is confirming to me that the rally is planned.

The Montana Television Network received a similar confirmation.

KGVO radio's Jon King spoke with the president's son, Eric Trump, on Thursday and also asked him about the rumor:

“You know, I have heard the rumors,” Eric Trump said, “He loves the state, we all love the state and he won the state very decisively, but more than anything, honestly, it’s a place we connect to: it’s amazing people, hardworking people, it’s true America. We love the outdoors out there… all the time I’ve spent fishing and hunting out there, it’s just a place that we have tremendous love for.”

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