Incumbent Gov. Steve Bullock and GOP challenger Greg Gianforte have very different ideas on how to improve Montana’s public schools.  Governor Bullock’s proposals include a plan for voluntary public preschool, and versions of initiatives that failed to pass the Legislature in 2015.  Bullock has the support of the unions, and includes school improvements in his infrastructure spending plan.  He wants to further expand dual enrollment opportunities and points to recent funding increases.
Gianforte’s proposals focus on doubling down on the instruction and use of technology in the classroom– as well as reducing regulations– a recurring theme throughout his campaign.  Gianforte has suggested adding computer science courses to more schools and proposes spend more money in the classroom rather than on administration.  As the state reports declining revenues, it is unclear how either Bullock or Gianforte might fund their education proposals, which likely will face opposition from conservative legislators.

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