When does life begin? Should there be any limits on abortion? Those were a couple questions thrown at Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) by CNN and MSNBC. Let's just say his responses didn't end well.

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday asked a simple question: When does life begin? Montana Gov. Steve Bullock dodged, his right knee pumping as if in a bicycle race.

Here's the video clip of Bullock on MSNBC basically saying that he supports no limits on abortion. Not only that, Bullock says we should "promote" abortion.

Here's the clip of Bullock on CNN saying that "life begins at viability."

Last week, Bullock announced a run for president. Here's some reaction from both the Left and the Right.

From the Left, James Conner has this for The Flathead Memo:

Respectfully, it’s time for these Democrats to come their own senses and to face the facts. Bullock sees himself as an executive, as a man-in-charge decision maker, not as a legislator. And he believes he’s outgrown Montana, that he now belongs on the national stage. Were he to run for the Senate, he’d be a reluctant candidate, an unhappy candidate, and consequently a weak candidate.

Moreover, it’s not likely that Steve Daines can be defeated.

From the Right, former Daily Inter Lake editor Frank Miele has a new name for Democrats like Bullock. You've heard of RINO's (Republicans in Name Only) for moderate Republicans. Well, Miele says Bullock is a RAM (Radicals Acting Moderate):

‘Moderate’ Steve Bullock Is an Extremist, and a Coward Too

Steve Bullock can pretend he is the last moderate Democrat in America when he sells himself to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, but those of us who have watched him play politics in Montana the last 10 years know he is the usual brand of radical extremist that comes out of the Democrat party.



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