20-year-old Dimarzio Sanchez of Busby– accused of strangling and burning a Crow Agency woman alive last year– was convicted of murder Thursday after a week-long trial that revealed the horrific details of the victim’s assault, leading to her death.

Q2 reports the jury found Sanchez guilty of first-degree murder, aiding and abetting in the death of Roylynn RidesHorse. They could have convicted him of second-degree murder, but jurors agreed with prosecutors that Sanchez had completed at least three steps — getting the gasoline can from the trunk, dousing the victim in fuel, and lighting her on fire. He will be sentenced in March.

Prosecutors described Sanchez as the “ringleader,” saying he intentionally carried out the brutal assault that led to the victim’s death two months later. The victim’s sister, Trixy Phelan, commented after the jury’s verdict, calling it justice.

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