Robert O'Neill
Photo courtesy of Twitter

Earlier this week, a retired Navy SEAL came forward and claimed he fired the deadly shot that killed terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Robert O'Neill, a Butte native, told the Washington Post he fired a shot which struck the al-Qaida leader in the forehead during the 2011 raid on his secret compound in Pakistan. However, sources in SEAL Team 6 said another team member fired the shot.

The Associated Press reported Friday that some special operations service members and veterans are unhappy that one of their own has taken credit publicly for killing bin Laden. Others say that have gotten used to the idea that their brethren might break the code of silence and seek to profit from their exploits.

The Post said O'Neill's decision to talk came nearly two years after another team member, Matt Bissonnette, published a controversial account of the raid in the book titled, "No Easy Day."

Just a week before scheduled interviews on Fox News and The Post, O’Neill’s identity was leaked. SOFREP, a website run by former special-forces operatives, posted an article that complained of O’Neill’s decision to tell his story on Fox News.

Reports said O'Neill is scheduled to air on Fox News next week on Tuesday November 11 and Wednesday, November 12.

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