Can anyone tell me what is recreational about drug use? The term recreational is only used to soften its impact. Its original intention was medicinal. Now recreational. Is there such thing as recreational Tylenol or recreational cough medicine? Riding a bike or fishing is recreational. HIking or playing golf, that's recreational, not using a foreign substance to alter your coherency.

By the way, how come Democrats never refer to gun activity as recreational? The majority of all shooting is recreational. Why aren't AR-15s or other semi-automatic rifles called recreational firearms? No, they call them assault rifles. They are used for recreation. In fact, almost all shooting is for sport or recreation. Trap, skeet, hunting, target shooting, shooting gophers or cans--all recreational, but it's never referred to that way.

If weed is recreational, why do we have to test before we operate a truck or school bus? You don't have to take a test on Monday if you've been fishing or biking before you can operate machinery. It's recreational. If marijuana is recreational why can't Scheels or the Spoke Shop or Cabelas sell it with all of their other recreational merchandise? They specialize in recreation.

What do you think a 12-year-old perceives when they hear you describe something as recreational? That tricky term is already planting the seed in their impressionable minds. Just call it what it is: legal drug use for other alternatives besides health and well-being. Quit playing your phony word games with me. I don't buy your BS, See ya tomorrow at 5.

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