A bill (SB 2) before the Montana Legislature would raise the state’s minimum wage by two dollars and five cent up to $10.10 an hour. Box Elder Representative Jonathan Windy Boy says a living wage would be around $15 an hour, but that $10.10 has a better chance of making it through the legislature.

"People who are on the minimum wage right now don't have enough money to do savings," Windy Boy said. "Realistically, I think 14 or 15 would probably have a much far less chance than $10.10 an hour, so that's part of the reason. Also, on the national level, the President had proposed $10.10 so I though, 'well, that is a good number.'"

Windy Boy's bill was tabled on  says he is ready to compromise on the proposal and has already prepared an amendment to his minimum wage bill.

"As far as a compromise, I also offered an amendment that I hope the committee would consider," Windy Boy said. "[The Amendment,] would  be that employers at storefronts, or small business owners that employ 50 employees or less, would have tax breaks for the next three years."

Windy Boy did not seem to have a lot of hope in the bill. When asked what he thought the chances were that the bill could make it through the legislature he replied by laughing and saying, “Slim to none.”


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