A Democrat congressman thought he could play tough guy with a former Navy SEAL. As you might expect, that didn't work out so well.

Arizona Democrat Raul Grijalva called on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (a former Montana Congressman and Navy SEAL) to resign- and Zinke punched back. He punched back so hard it forced the Dem congressman to leave the bar.

But here's the real kicker: in his tweet about Grijalva's drinking problem, Zinke added the hashtag #TuneInnForMore, a reference to the popular Tune Inn bar on Capitol Hill. Well, as it turns out, Grijalva was actually at the Tune Inn bar when he spotted Zinke's tweet.

E&E News has this shot:

The Arizona Democrat and likely next House Natural Resources Committee chairman left the Tune Inn on Pennsylvania Avenue shortly after Zinke blasted out his extraordinarily harsh tweet to 88,000-plus followers, the multiple sources told E&E News. Zinke suggestively cited the same bar in his 12:02 p.m. tweet, writing #TuneInnForMore.

In 2015, a female former Grijalva aide received $48,000 in severance pay as part of a settlement agreement stemming from her allegations of a hostile work environment.

The money came out of the Natural Resources Committee's operating funds.


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