A customer of a 7-11 store out in Seattle attacked a customer and a clerk with a hatchet. The customer happened to have a concealed carry permit and was legally carrying his weapon. After being swung at by the assailant with the hatchet, he pulled out his gun and killed the attacker.

There are more than 12,000 Montanans who are licensed to legally carry a concealed weapon. But, did you know that it's legal to openly carry a gun on your hip? Yep, right in front of God and everybody.

I was having lunch downtown recently and a guy sat down next to my table. He was wearing a pistol. I asked him if anybody gives him a hard time. he said, "No, actually, everybody is very friendly towards me."

I'll bet they are.

I'd like to hear how people feel about both concealed and open carry in our state.


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