To promote his new book “Culture Jihad”, Todd Starnes gave over ten minutes of his views and concerns from years of watching what is happening in America.

Constitutional rights are under assault from the movement towards Socialism. “Over the past decade, there has been a significant uptick in the attacks on specific freedoms...” and here he noted the right to bear arms and religious liberty.

“These are issues that we cannot laugh about. We have to take their threats seriously.”

Listen to Todd Starnes discuss the rise of Socialism. 

Fighting back means educating ourselves, opening our eyes, taking a stand, and voting with our dollars in the free market.

This visit rang of the core divisions that have plagued this country throughout its history and to the present, and have dominated the narratives. Serious questions arise. What are the fundamental American Values? Do we cherish our rights and are we willing to defend them? Will we at least respect the other side(s) in a civil discourse? Can we stand united, or are we a house divided?

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