All I can hear in my head is Homer Simpson's "Why you little!" at Bart Simpson for doing something stupid.


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Why? Multiple little idiots decided to break into Entree Soup, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (PAY BETTER ATTENTION BILLINGS, SHEESH), causing this local small business to close their drive-thru windows for the week to repair.

Young Delinquent Recap

Let's rewind, and start from the beginning. August 7th, around 8:32 PM, a group of five decided to take a seat at the Entree Soup outdoor table. Around this time, they were able to gain entry to the Entree Soup building and began a flurry of destruction. According to the Entree Soup Facebook Page, these punks proceeded to rip wiring out of the place, rip open the doors of the coolers and dump all of their homemade food everywhere, and more!

What is being done?

Entree Soup has filed a police report with BPD and is offering a reward of some kind for the identification and apprehension of these idiots. They ask you to contact Entree Soup directly on Facebook if you have any information.

My Take

If you haven't caught wind by now, I think these little you-know-whats deserve a grand punishment for doing this kind of thing. Letting kids get away with these crimes is simply giving them the window to see how far they can take it NEXT time. Sure, they broke into and ruined a beloved small business this time. Next time? Who knows. Maybe armed robbery? Murder of a shopkeep over $100 in a register? Nah. Teach them now, and get them back on the right path. And don't mess with my soup shop.


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