Instead of covering China, too many news outlets appear to be covering for China. That was my reaction when I read the news about this tweet from NBC News. Furthermore, why are so many news outlets covering for the head of the World Health Organization, who was put in power thanks to the Communist Chinese government?

I spoke with Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) on Wednesday. He says China and the WHO must both be held accountable.

DAINES: We need a full court press of the entire world to investigate what is going on in China, and the cover-up of what occurred there. And the World Health Organizations is a part of this cover up. They were not reporting the truth and they knew it.

We also spoke with Senator Daines about the remarkable pace with which small business loans are being issued out in Montana. In fact, earlier this week I spoke with Cary Hegreberg from the Montana Bankers Association, and he told me how bankers back here in Montana were at their home computers after midnight working throughout the night last Friday to start issuing that support to businesses here in Montana.

I also asked Senator Daines what is going well, and what could use improvement when it comes to the coronavirus relief efforts. Here's the full audio:

From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread

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