For the last several weeks, illegal immigrants have been using arrest warrants as official identification for travel with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

Montana Senator Steve Daines, in an effort to stop this practice, has introduced a bill to do just that.

“Well, illegal immigrants can present an arrest warrant as a form of ID to get on a plane to get through TSA,” said Senator Daines. “They should be arrested not cleared by TSA to hop on a flight paid for by taxpayers to wherever they want to go. This is a serious threat to our national security.”

Daines elaborated on the egregious nature of the actions being allowed by the federal government.

“It’s outrageous,” he said. “I literally had to introduce a bill that would prohibit using an arrest warrant as a form of ID to get through TSA. Think about this. At that same time you've got Democrats trying to oppose and stop us from requiring ID to vote like we did in Montana where our Montana legislature passed a law that says you have to show a valid form of ID to vote, and here we've got Biden and the lefties allowing arrest warrants to be a form of ID to get on an airplane. You can't make this up.”

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Daines then turned his attention to the situation with Russia, whose troops are poised to invade Ukraine.

“Putin is acting on the fact that he sees a weak administration,” he said. “He sees a weak President in President Biden, and President Biden is failing Americans both home and abroad. You think about the fact that Biden doesn't have control of our own southern border. Why in the world is Biden first and foremost, not focused on securing our sovereignty and our southern border? Instead, we’re spending a lot more time deploying troops to protect Ukraine's sovereignty. Why don't we start first by protecting our sovereignty?”

Daines also laid the blame for the 40 year high inflation rate at the door of the Biden administration.

“When you've got a President Biden who is forcefully working to undermine made-in-America energy, starting with killing the Keystone Pipeline, and then you've got these green New Deal radicals that are running the show here in Washington with this administration, coupled with passing these multi trillion dollar spending bills that have been the fuel on the inflation fight. Remember we are in a four decade high level of inflation, that’s 40 years, Peter, where we have not seen inflation this high.”

Daines calls in to the KGVO Newsmakers line at least twice a month from his office in Washington, D.C.

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