Rep. Daniel Zolnikov had bravely hosted Montana Talks while Aaron was in military training. Now Daniel has served us again, this time as a state legislator, and to address the serious issue of human trafficking.

You heard about the new two-person team to be based in Billings, to coordinate with law enforcement agencies, and dedicated full-time to investigating sex trafficking. Attorney General Tim Fox spoke about this new team on Montana Talks with a nod to Daniel for his legislation. Here is the two-minute audio:

For the text of Daniel's House Bill 749, just click here.

I greatly appreciate all the hard work and deep care Daniel and everyone involved had invested in securing the funding for these two agents and establishing this new united front. And I look forward to many, many news stories about these traffickers caught, prosecuted, and thrown in prison for very long times. And I look forward to stories of the victims freed, restored and returned home.

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