The Montana Democratic Party, assisted by a prestigious international law firm, is taking Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton to court over approving signatures that allowed the Green Party to qualify for the general election.

Green Party spokesperson Danielle Breck said the Montana Democrats have a date in Helena District Court on Tuesday afternoon.

“The Montana Democratic Party, along with a couple of individuals, have filed suit against the Secretary of State saying that 180 of the more than 7,300 signatures that he validated of the more than 10,000 we turned in, are not valid, and therefore we should be removed from the ballot,” said Breck. “Tomorrow (Tuesday) there is a hearing to show cause and the Democrats have to show cause to move forward with the case.”

Breck said the Montana Democrats are receiving assistance from a prestigious law firm.

“The Montana Democrats have hired the law firm of Perkins Coie, the international law firm to my understanding that the Democratic National Committee turns to when they need hired guns,” she said.

Breck said she hopes that many people who see this online story and hear the radio story on Tuesday morning can come to Helena District Court at 1:30 p.m. to make their feelings known.

“We’d like to invite everyone who believes that it’s important for everyday citizens to have the right to be able to exercise their civil right to vote, to sign petitions and to make their voices heard simply by being there.”

The Montana Democratic Party alleges that a Las Vegas-based political firm conducted paid electioneering work on behalf of the Green Party without reporting to state regulators.

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